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Quick post: my experience with iPhone

Quick context: I have always been an Android user ever since 2010 when I first got my hands on a smartphone (I won a lucky draw from HTC, sadly no more luck ever since haha). Since then, I developed some sort of reputation as an Apple hater, which for the record, I have been critical, but I appreciate it when Apple comes out with innovative and easy-to-use products (I've never been impressed by the price tag though).

Anyway, after about 8 years of using Android and at a moment of angst when my S7 battery dies every 5 hours, I jumped the gun and got myself an iPhone 8 Plus. And so far, I've really enjoyed it. I think innovation-wise, Android phones are still ahead, but I can see why people would stick to Apple and it's more about the little things that really make the experience with an iPhone quite seamless and enjoyable.

What I like:

1. (this is also one of the main reasons why I decided to try out an iPhone) Notifications! Android notifications are always displayed on the…

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