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Happy new year everyone!

Just a quick blog post on a few random thoughts that I have as the new year break is about to come to an end and I'll have to go back to work tomorrow.

1. I'm still super lucky because I had the whole of last week of December (basically from Christmas to New Year) off, and even today (public holiday in lieu, and some of my friends are already back at work.) Counting my blessings.

2. Although the off week was supposed to be to rest and recharge, I spend most of if (almost every day) dancing, so I don't know how rested physically I am, but emotionally and spiritually I guess it has been a big help.

3. It's interesting how everyone is trying to be cool by denouncing things like New Year Resolutions and the whole "New Year New Me" thing - I guess it's understandable that those things can get annoying but hey, people deal with transitions and changes differently and if that makes them kickstart their new year better, why rain on their …


So I'm on some kind of blogging streak and this is the third entry that I've written at this wee hours of the night. HAHA.

I decided that I needed to keep writing for the sake of fine-tuning my writing and also to do something productive beside reading books about sales. Ugh.

Speaking of which, yes, I started work. Almost 3 months ago actually, on the 6.6.16. #illuminati? - asked no one. I'm actually working for a conference production company that focuses on Internet of Things in the ASEAN market, so if you're interested in the field, hit me up and do look at some of the things I've been writing on my LinkedIn account (on which I've been very active on. Weirdly lol). Work has been picking up and now is officially the super stressful period because my event is coming up next, and approaching huge corporations and government ministries for my first project are definitely not easy tasks - but hey, personal growth and all that, right?

Other than that, life's b…


So that was it! I submitted the last assignment of my university life. Ever. 1 day late but we shall not talk about that.

Come to think about it, it's pretty surreal how four years have just passed like that. Well, 3 years and 9 months if you don't count the holiday. 4 academic years, 7 semesters in NUS and 1 semester in Bonn. Just writing it down makes it feel so real.

I think I have mentioned many times before that I do not really get attached to places and institutions that easily. Or at least I don't feel those super overt emotions whereby I'm like "OMG I'm gonna miss NUS so much blah blah." I think my attachment comes at a much more subtle sense, like I would probably go past NUS in the future and all the memories will start flooding back in and then I'll be like "Wow OK." I don't know.

Is there a reason for my seemingly apathy?

I don't think I have ever learned how to feel properly. Feelings are not something that my family pri…

Moving out wishlist!

In about a month's time (hopefully), I will be moving out and living outside of a school dormitory for the first time since I came to Singapore! It is going to be an exciting transition and while nothing is settled (we have barely started looking for a place, and we have yet to secure jobs that will pay the rent), as a way to procrastinate I keep on thinking of what I would like to have in the apartment (once we can afford it). This includes (but is not limited to):

A console (either a Xbox 1 or PS4)A TV of course, to use the console withA TV in my room so I can Netflix and chillA proper office space - it can just be a nice table next to a window that I can put my laptop onSpeaking of laptop, a Razer Blade Stealth + Core!A king/queen-sized bed - I'm tired of sleeping on single bedsAn oven so I can bake stuffsFairy lightsAlso I'm keeping my mini fridge and turning it into a wine/alcohol fridge yass Any other suggestions for what I should have in my new place (once I move)?

One year on...

And I'm not sad anymore.

Two Thousand and Fifteen

So I want to write a blog post summarising this year. WHERE DO I EVEN BEGIN LOL. I mean if you know me well enough you'd know that this year has been CUH-RAY-ZEE. Yeah every year is crazy in its own way since there are so many days and so many happenings, but this year is truly one of those years that really challenge me and make me grow up a little bit. Less innocent and less naive now, probably (I'd better be after all the traumatising experience that I've had this year lol.) But all in all, I'm glad that 2015 is coming to and end and while I still have a few last hurdles to jump over in the last 3 days of the year (writing this on 29 December - dunno when I will finish and publish the post because you know that I'm a horrible procrastinator), here's to a better 2016!

I really don't know how to structure this post so maybe I'll jump into the big life events that happened this year?

1. arounDINHeurope

It's easy to focus on the negative things that h…

#arounDINHeurope: Bonn this way (part 2).

Yay I finally sit my ass down and make another blog entry about my exchange journeys! At the same café as the last time HAHAHA because I can't do anything productive at home. I mean this is not that productive considering I still have a billion things to do, mostly things that are privilege-laden though, so I shouldn't be complaining.

A LOT of things have happened since the last blog post but I kinda have to catch up since the last blog post's ending, so I guess you're gonna have to wait (let's be real though, who's even reading lol. HI EUSTACIA!) to know what dramatic things happened. But here we go.

So apparently I ended my last blog post with my first trip - Brussels, Bruges and Cologne (I had to re-read my blog coz I wrote it 1.5 months ago and have forgotten everything.) After which I finally moved to Bonn and settled in and everything. It was, a less-than-pleasant experience, to be quite honest: being alone and not knowing anyone, all the very complicated…