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Happy new year everyone!

Just a quick blog post on a few random thoughts that I have as the new year break is about to come to an end and I'll have to go back to work tomorrow.

1. I'm still super lucky because I had the whole of last week of December (basically from Christmas to New Year) off, and even today (public holiday in lieu, and some of my friends are already back at work.) Counting my blessings.

2. Although the off week was supposed to be to rest and recharge, I spend most of if (almost every day) dancing, so I don't know how rested physically I am, but emotionally and spiritually I guess it has been a big help.

3. It's interesting how everyone is trying to be cool by denouncing things like New Year Resolutions and the whole "New Year New Me" thing - I guess it's understandable that those things can get annoying but hey, people deal with transitions and changes differently and if that makes them kickstart their new year better, why rain on their parade?

4. I don't know if I'm ready to go back to reality after the heavenly 1.5-week break that I've had, but I know that things need to change in 2017. I can't be stuck in the same mentality because it's not going to make me or people around me happy.

5. Genuinely excited for new companionship to blossom and old friendships to rekindle.

6. I like odd numbers.

7. Considering taking up the reading 12 books challenge (1 month 1 book), only because I have finished reading one yesterday night (to be fair, it's a really short book).

8. Really need to pick up a new skill or 2 - right now I am looking at coding (HTML/CSS/JavaScript) and German (this is more like improving my very very limited skill lol.)

9. Also, need to start writing more. I'm trying to write every week on this blog - although I'm not sure what's the difference between that blog and this blog (this is more personal I guess.)

10. I have a bad habit of thinking that whatever I think/say out loud/expect won't come true. Lately I came to a realisation that it doesn't matter what I say or what I expect, it's the work that I put into said things that matters. So that's what I'm trying to change.

11. At the same time, still trying to figure out how I can contribute to a better world. Because I'm a #millennial like that, going through quarter-life crisis all lol.

Let's see what 2017 awaits!

The new year celebration lol

First meal of the year: Michelin-starred Hong Kong Soya Chicken & Roasted Pork noodle! It's really good and quite worth the 30-minute queue. @ Chinatown Complex

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