Why do I dance?

Seeing so many people's post-DU reflections everywhere makes me wonder about, like, things. Ya. More specifically, myself and my relationship with other people. Idk. Seeing people bond over dance is really great, and I know and believe that dance is a great medium for people to come together, be themselves, explore their body (not that way lol) and learn how to move together, not only on stage, but also off stage as people, as friends. But somehow that is not so easy for me. I've felt those feelings before, with DV, with SAVEME. But somehow it's just different. I'm just different. To be honest, I get jealous of these people who have found great friendships and companionships through dance, because I know that part of me wants to feel that.

Why do you dance?

I like dancing. I know I'm no good at it, and I'm lazy and unmotivated to work hard and be better. But still, I like dancing. I also like (and want) the relationships that the dance people have, so genuine and fun over something so simple yet beautiful like dance. Am I just too afraid to get out of the comfort zone of friends that I have right now to actually make friends with these amazing, fun-loving and talented bunch of dancers? Like, in my mind I would love to be friend with them, but somehow it just doesn't reflect in my actions lol. But I would want to imagine the day that I can meet them and go to dance classes together, or even come back for performances at Eusoff after graduation.

I really don't know what I'm writing, and I'm pretty sure it doesn't make any sense whatsoever. Oh well. Ignore this post if you happen to read it lol sorry for wasting your time.

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