December 2012 holidays

First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! (lol I started writing this post before Christmas and barely finished it before new year's eve HAHA)

This holiday (starting about 3 weeks ago) was definitely quite an amazing journey for me, both emotionally, physically and mentally (lol, sounds like some funny reflection. But it kind of is). There's never been such a crazy, busy holiday period with many twists and turns like this one. OK not really, but still it was quite of a memorable experience heh.

First I actually didn't want to stay back during the holidays since you know, it's the holidays, and I want to fly home and spend time with my family and my newborn nephew! *insert cute emojis* I was ready to leave everything behind (HAHA) including practices for Eusoff Hall Dance Production, Christmas caroling (which I really wanted to go but it was just too late) and other random stuffs. Also I have no money so it's better to just go home instead of risk going broke here (speaking of money, I've been a very good boy this sem and my shopping has been kept to a very minimum. I bought like 1 t-shirt). Anyhew, NUS Dance Ensemble's camp schedule came up and I was like, hmm, since I'm such a cui (cùi bắp? LOL) dancer I should attend the camp to improve myself and my skills (and humiliate myself in front of all those amazing people in DE). And the camp was so near to Christmas caroling, I figure that I would stay back for caroling as well (which turned out to be a great decision for various reasons).

And so it began. My days for the first 2 weeks were literally filled with: dance/choir/Chingay practices in the day (they didn't take up the whole day or something but they were always at weird hours so that screwed up my eating time), HTHT (heart to heart talk lol) with my OG at night (<3). And by "at night" I mean until 3, 4am until everyone dropped dead or something. Even better when we went to sleep at 5am knowing that we had to wake up before 9am to go for practice/training. Hmm #halllife. BUT IT WAS FUN AND EXCITING AND EYE OPENING (especially for me since I'm super blur about everything haha especially about all the gossips in hall hehe).

Then came the 4 days of DE boot camp, which was eye-opening in a whole other level. Let's just say by the 5th hour of the camp I was already exhausted, and probably demoralised ttm (but my brain is very good at ignoring demoralisation haha). I learned that I was the worst dancer there in terms of techniques (which I knew lol), that after 10 hours of dancing everyday you would wake up feeling like an old person (if that's how and old person feels, which is quite scary now just to think about it), but also that I could dance my ass off if I needed too lol. Idk, but I'm glad I stayed for the camp!

THEN came the probably most interesting few days of my life. I started to have a fever, then when the fever was gone, something horrible happened to my stomach that gave me both diarrhea and constipation (and I checked online - it's possible lol). And during these few days I still had dance practices in hall, DP piecing (which is like a tech run? Dry run? Vetting?), and choir's Christmas caroling. I danced with a fever and sang with a grumbling stomach over these 5 days lol. It was fine because I wasn't that bad actually (except this one time that the thermometer read 40.1oC and I was like o.o, and the 2 nights I had to wake up at 5am to go to the toilet -.-), and I was trying my best to channel Sasha Fierce who performed in front of millions people with a stomach flu or something like that HAHA, but seriously. And the support of my friends was just so nice, what with all the food and constant concerned questions that made me feel really touched <3. I couldn't have gone through the period without them (well actually I could have, but probably not as quickly, or fun, or happily :).

SO that was a lot of "dear diary" moments in this entry. I just wanted to blog it out because it's kind of an important and memorable 2+ weeks for me. Now that I'm back in Vietnam for 2 precious weeks in the AWESOMEEEE winter weather, I miss my friends <3 but am not that eager to return to Singapore (aka practices and school) just yet. Let me be a potato couch and a lazybum for another 2 weeks! (Also I haven't met my newborn nephew yet so that's kind of horrible of me but oh well :/).

I hope everyone has been having a wonderful holiday season, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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