SO I just came back from a club. Technically I've been in a club before, but I was alone and I'm not exactly the "socializer" so as you can imagine how great that experience was (it was not bad actually, especially when I got a bit tipsy). Tonight I went to a club in Hanoi with a few friends. Although I was only there for about 30 minutes (since it was 1030pm and my parents were already calling me incessantly - ok, twice) I probably got a few realisations about me and clubbing.

First of all, clubs (maybe just Fuse, maybe just clubs in Hanoi, i don't know) are for rich people.

I was dressed quite, um, ghastly today, since all of my "better" clothes are packed since I'm leaving on Friday. OK so it was not that bad, like a t-shirt and jeans and sandals (because I was too lazy to put on shoes). I have been very image-conscious for the past few years, probably due to Singapore, but I could really feel the awkwardness when I arrived at the club. People were dressed in shirts and heels and dresses and all kinds of nice, polished clothes. This is probably my fault since I didn't pay much attention to my clothes. But also, the amount of cars/taxis way outnumbered the amount of motorcycles (now that I think about it, people probably don't want to drunk-drive, which is actually a good thing). The motorcycles there are also the so-called more expensive ones, so my decent motorcycle felt a bit left out lol. I don't know, maybe that's just my bias and awkwardness affecting my sense perception (TOK, anyone?). But I'm pretty sure people with not so much disposable income cannot afford to be so-called entertained in a club with blasting music and probably overpriced drinks and some random cut fruits (I left early so I hadn't paid - yet - I asked my friend to pay for me first, since I try to go Dutch on everything -.-). No wonder those pavements' beer shops are so popular in Vietnam.

Secondly, I can probably be really awkward, or really slutty crazy in a club.

I mean, the environment in a club is just really, um, awkward. The music is too loud so you can't really communicate with your friends, which I found extremely weird even though I'm not much of a communicator myself. The only communication you have are when your friends shout really loudly, directly at your voice, and those cannot last long. Also the drinks-up-cheer-drink routines which happen once in a while (you also need a more experienced/outgoing person to initiate this action, otherwise it will also be awkward because people like me just like to drink my drinks by myself - I'm not used to "cheering" every time I want to drink something, like, why do we need to touch our glasses when it's just me who wants to drink? -.-). You also have little control over the amount of drinks being poured into your cups, and as a person who tries to finish his portion as much as possible, this is a bit stressful on me trying to drink all those vodka-mixed-with-orange-juice stuffs (which is what we had today. It tasted quite good actually.). In a crowded club, you also have so little space, so I did my little knee bounces around. People get crazy over random dance beats while I prefer actual songs to be played, so that was a bit sad (I went crazy when they played David Guetta's Turn Me On (featuring Nicki Minaj) though - I was waiting for Starships but sadly had to leave early).

It's funny how I can totally picture myself being a crazy slut person grinding and dancing dirty in a club, if I'm drunk and/or more comfortable (and have more spaces) in the surroundings. That won't happen anytime soon, but I think there's a  crazy slut person  inside of me that will suffer from really bad consequences if it has a chance to come out (maybe that's why Destiny's Child/God/Buddha/Whoever didn't let me go to the US for universities because I will get crazeeeeehhh). Or maybe just play Crazy In Love, Deja Vu, or any Beyoncé uptempo songs, and we'll see how I will turn out.

I feel like I'm bitching about this clubbing experience and whatever, but actually I quite enjoyed it. Was it awkward? Yes. Was it weird? Yes. Was I sad to leave learly? YES. As much weirdness as I was feeling, it was actually a very interesting experience to go through, and the guys that I went with today are nice - I kind of knew them before, so it wasn't toooo awkward, and I got like half an hour to chat with a really nice person who has forgot that I was her classmate (it was a very crowded tuition class though, so I don't blame her haha). Overall I wish I could have stayed longer (mainly so that I could jam to Starships, or any great songs that I'm sure they're still playing right now - I heard Fuse played good songs), and I would probably want to go another time, provided that I'm not too antisocial like I was during the last few years in Singapore. And that I meet crazy/"cool" friends who wouldn't mind taking an awkward person like me to a club.

Or we can all hang out at McDonald's.

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