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So I'm on some kind of blogging streak and this is the third entry that I've written at this wee hours of the night. HAHA.

I decided that I needed to keep writing for the sake of fine-tuning my writing and also to do something productive beside reading books about sales. Ugh.

Speaking of which, yes, I started work. Almost 3 months ago actually, on the 6.6.16. #illuminati? - asked no one. I'm actually working for a conference production company that focuses on Internet of Things in the ASEAN market, so if you're interested in the field, hit me up and do look at some of the things I've been writing on my LinkedIn account (on which I've been very active on. Weirdly lol). Work has been picking up and now is officially the super stressful period because my event is coming up next, and approaching huge corporations and government ministries for my first project are definitely not easy tasks - but hey, personal growth and all that, right?

Other than that, life's b…