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Moving out wishlist!

In about a month's time (hopefully), I will be moving out and living outside of a school dormitory for the first time since I came to Singapore! It is going to be an exciting transition and while nothing is settled (we have barely started looking for a place, and we have yet to secure jobs that will pay the rent), as a way to procrastinate I keep on thinking of what I would like to have in the apartment (once we can afford it). This includes (but is not limited to):

A console (either a Xbox 1 or PS4)A TV of course, to use the console withA TV in my room so I can Netflix and chillA proper office space - it can just be a nice table next to a window that I can put my laptop onSpeaking of laptop, a Razer Blade Stealth + Core!A king/queen-sized bed - I'm tired of sleeping on single bedsAn oven so I can bake stuffsFairy lightsAlso I'm keeping my mini fridge and turning it into a wine/alcohol fridge yass Any other suggestions for what I should have in my new place (once I move)?