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#arounDINHeurope: Bonn this way (part 2).

Yay I finally sit my ass down and make another blog entry about my exchange journeys! At the same café as the last time HAHAHA because I can't do anything productive at home. I mean this is not that productive considering I still have a billion things to do, mostly things that are privilege-laden though, so I shouldn't be complaining.

A LOT of things have happened since the last blog post but I kinda have to catch up since the last blog post's ending, so I guess you're gonna have to wait (let's be real though, who's even reading lol. HI EUSTACIA!) to know what dramatic things happened. But here we go.

So apparently I ended my last blog post with my first trip - Brussels, Bruges and Cologne (I had to re-read my blog coz I wrote it 1.5 months ago and have forgotten everything.) After which I finally moved to Bonn and settled in and everything. It was, a less-than-pleasant experience, to be quite honest: being alone and not knowing anyone, all the very complicated…