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#arounDINHeurope: the beginning!

SO I haven't posted an entry in like agesss. Sorry about that (not that anyone cares but still.) But I have good reasons! A LOT have happened over the past 3 months or so. I'm sitting in a campus café in Bonn, Germany reflecting over this super exciting and learning journey that I've been experiencing. Doesn't that sound pretentious? Hehe.

I still remember the first moment that I sat on the train from Frankfurt to Cologne after 21-ish hours of flying (and transiting - which, in my opinion, is better than sitting on a plane for a straight 12 hours because that just ain't cute for your butt and thigh and everything else), seeing the German scenery for the first time - windmills, big beautiful fields, mountains, SNOW (albeit only on the ground), and I had a moment (cue the dramatic music). I was so tired, but so happy and thankful that I was actually given the opportunity and capital to be in freaking Europe for 5 months! If you ask me 5 years ago I'd be like - no…