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Happy New Year 2015!

Even though it's just a normal day like any other, the mark of a new year has always been a special one. It prompts celebrations, rest days for working people, and of course time for reflection as a "new year" is about to come, and that we should look back to the previous year and see what we've done, as well as set "resolutions" for the upcoming year so we can be better people. Personally I have never been very good at either of those things - reflections are not something I do outside the compulsory academic kind lol, and I never really believe in new year resolutions since they will not be fulfilled anyway. But 2014 was a really special year in many ways, and through many experience and events that have happened, I start to feel the need to reflect (and record down these reflections so I won't forget them the next day. I think it's a sign of aging that I've been more and more forgetful...) and learn from what I've been through, rather tha…