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Dinh does Vietnam - Summer 2014 (part 1)

(I've procrastinated on this post for 2 months (wtf), and as I embark on another trip this Thursday (woohoooo) I shall get this post going before it's too late and I forget everything about the trip haha. Nope.)
Being spontaneous is something that I love, but not something everyone loves, e.g. my mum. So when she decided to let me change my flight back to Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City to attend my cousin's wedding, and then a detour to Nha Trang for a quick visit, I was like, woah. But what can I do more than say thank you and enjoy the privilege? So here we go.
Day 0 & 1: SIN-SGN
The trip was particularly interesting because of many occasions that I would consider my firsts. I stayed overnight in Changi airport because I don't want to waste $30 cabbing at 4am in the morning (and the risk of oversleeping and missing my flight at 7am.) The Internet did make the 4-hour wait to check-in a lot easier (plus a free/pre-paid meal from McDonald's.) When I arrived at the ai…