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*cue exam stress blog post

Or not.

For the past 3 semesters, I would get so stressed out every time I study for finals that I have to drink write a blog post to vent a little to keep my sanity. But not this semester. I'm 2 days before my first finals which I'm only halfway through (the slides, not to mention the amount of readings that I haven't done and the amount of knowledge that I totally don't understand), but yet I'm still so chill trying to finish my annoying assignment that is due this week because the module has no finals. Now I would actually appreciate a module without finals ONLY IF they do not have assignments due in Reading Week. Like really? But that's not the point.

I want to write this blog post to discuss a bit about my intellectual/academic life/journey/whatever. WOAH. I know I usually post angsty stuffs or reflections on significant events or whatever on my blog LOL but today's topic stems from one of the modules that I'm taking this semester. Now first of all…

Why do I dance?

Seeing so many people's post-DU reflections everywhere makes me wonder about, like, things. Ya. More specifically, myself and my relationship with other people. Idk. Seeing people bond over dance is really great, and I know and believe that dance is a great medium for people to come together, be themselves, explore their body (not that way lol) and learn how to move together, not only on stage, but also off stage as people, as friends. But somehow that is not so easy for me. I've felt those feelings before, with DV, with SAVEME. But somehow it's just different. I'm just different. To be honest, I get jealous of these people who have found great friendships and companionships through dance, because I know that part of me wants to feel that.

Why do you dance?

I like dancing. I know I'm no good at it, and I'm lazy and unmotivated to work hard and be better. But still, I like dancing. I also like (and want) the relationships that the dance people have, so genuine an…