I admit that I'm not good at expressing/explaining my feelings. So I'd rather be happy and cheerful and blur at most times when I'm around people so they (hopefully) won't get irritated or whatever with me. And I am genuinely happy and cheerful most of the time (smiles!) But that also means that every fucking time I express some kinds of more negative emotions (which I'm prone to have since I'm not exactly an easy person), people around me get so scared/confused/xyz. And yes, I'm not good at explaining myself so it's not entirely anyone's fault that he/she finds my 'mood swings' weird. But I thought some people should at least know me a bit better to not trivialise or make fun of my outbursts.

Also, some people should also know that I don't/try not to let my mood swings affect other people. So if I'm angry at you, it's because I'm angry at YOU. Not because I'm angry at someone else and venting it out on you. Yes I try and I'm not perfect, and emotions aren't exactly easy to control. But I can assure you that most of the times I follow this principle.

Actually I just need some simple respect for my emotions and personal space. Trivialising my mood is not that fun. For me at least.


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