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Under Pressure

I am either horrible or amazing under pressure. But mostly horrible. Those that I can run away from I'd rather run away than face the pressure. Those that I can't run away from, I usually still try to run away by procrastinating and making it way worse when the deadlines are approaching and then deal with it. Ugh it's something that I'm trying to solve but I'm not sure how. One just has to get rid of the fear, I guess.

It's easier said than done though. And regret is the worst feeling :(.

Eusoff Hall Dance Production 2013/2014: Love is a Place

It's 2:54am in the morning after my second Eusoff Hall Dance Production, and I've been awake for about 19 hours (which is still more than a lot of my friends) but I don't want to let these emotions and feelings die down after the sleep, so I'm just going to pen down my thoughts for the past 4ish-month journey that I've had.
Joining DP is something that I don't have to think about twice. I love to dance, I get to perform in UCC Hall and the hall gives me points for that. So why not? But at the start of this academic year I was faced with a much more difficult question: to be or not to be a choreographer? I've always wanted to try choreographing something since I'm always bored and would come up with random steps, and to be honest I'm comfortable choreographing for an item in hall rather than somewhere else where people have 10-year background and can do splits like nobody's business. But still there were many uncertainties and doubts, and even w…