Happy New Year!

SOOOOOOO 2014 is here! Happy new year to everyone reading this blog, and everyone else who's not reading this blog (although that doesn't make much sense since they won't see this anyway.) I'm not the kind that will sit down and reflect on things that I have done, so the only way for me to do so is through writing. So here I am on my blog, writing down some of the random, probably more exciting things that I have done, and some of my hopes for the upcoming year(s)

Firstly, let's start with what I did on the 31st December. So I decided to work, because I want a hot body and a Maserati. Not really #songlyricsreferencesareawesome. But yes since I had nothing to do anyway, I told myself "Why not?" and went to work. Speaking of which, 2013 is really the first year that I started working! I worked at HOTDOT in Hanoi from June to July and have been doing part time at a hotel restaurant in Singapore since December. Working definitely opened me up to the different things that people have to deal with when they start working, which are different, but not that different really, to my student life. Except now you have to think about supporting yourself, which may distress and cause these people to be really, really annoying lol. But I digress, so back to the 31st. After my shift ended (supposedly), I was asked to extend until 11pm and I was like erm. I mean, the money was attractive but I'd rather spend my New Year's Eve with someone that I know and feel very comfortable with, aka myself, than with a bunch of people that I don't know, having to work and socialise and all these uncomfortable activities (I did meet a really interesting colleague though, so maybe working on New Year's Eve wasn't such a bad decision.) So I extended until 10pm for the ca$h, then head out to Marina Bay's sea of people and enjoyed a very tiring but exciting countdown with the fireworks! It's been a while since I catch New Year's Eve's fireworks, so it was really enjoyable and exciting, especially feeling the excitement from other people who are just randomly excited because of the fireworks and 2014. For one moment something so simple can cause such happiness :) (and lots and lots of camera usage.) HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Somehow the atmosphere of the countdown reminded me of this (masterpiece of a) song.

After the countdown, I embraced the #DoWhatUWant spirit and walked for almost an hour from Raffles Place to City Hall (the human traffic was crazy) to get my Starbucks Green Tea Latte that I've always wanted for NYE. And Starbucks didn't disappoint my new year's wish at all.

As per all the major events like this, I shuffled the songs on my phone to pick out the first 14 songs that I hear in 2014. The implications are up to one's interpretations, but I just hope for all the best as much as possible (: (the playlist below is missing a few songs coz they're not on Deezer)

2013 is a year of a lot of firsts for me (as I hope every year would be). I met my nephew for the first time (whom may have changed my perspectives a bit about children lol), I worked (previously discussed), I shaved my head for fun (it was really fun seeing everyone's reactions), I travelled with my friends for the first time (like over a great distance, not just JB haha), I got my first C+ (and another one -.-), I choreographed (still am)... Life has given me a lot of opportunities to pursue my interests and find myself among all its hustle and bustles, and I keep on reminding myself to be thankful for what I have. Now what I should start doing in 2014 is not only staying thankful, but also working hard, because I haven't been working hard at all. Maybe I've been too lucky over the past 21 years that my reserve is slowly dying out, and I also learned that when you work hard (& smart), you will get what you deserve. So may 2014 be a year of #workb**ch! *inserts armstrong emoji*

I don't ever make New Year's Resolutions, because what is the point of making and not following lol. But I just have a few things that I want to achieve in 2014, and hopefully in a year's time I will be able to cross off everything (if I still remember this post):
- Remember this post
- Cross off the points on this list
- Be more realistic while keeping the optimism
- Be less conscious about what would other people think
- Be more organised
- Travel somewhere cool
- Work hard and save up
- Be less blur
- Write more
- Read more
- Continue Spanish
- Continue Mandarin
- Speak up more
- Think faster
- Eat more good food (and save up to eat good food, not just eat and be broke)
- Remind yourself to be realistic when making lists like this

YA that's a lot of things lol. But that doesn't mean it's impossible to achieve these things. For example, I only read like maybe 5 books this year. So the "read more" part is definitely achievable. I hope.

Anyway if you somehow made it through this long ass post here's my (and 99% of the Vietnamese's) ultimate new year's song. Happy 2014!

May we all have our hopes, our will to try. If we don't, we may as well lay down and die.


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