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2014 year-end music review

It's that time of the year that I review the music that I listened to in the past year, as a huge music lover. I use this term very loosely because, yes, I do listen to a lot of music, but I am always too lazy to diversify my music genres. This year is the same, with the exceptions of maybe Kiesza and BOOTS. I have listened to a lot more random songs on many platforms like iTunes and Spotify, and I'm too lazy to compile a proper list like the other years (ranking songs is not easy, seriously!), so this is a list based on my profile over the past 12 months of the top songs, artists that I listened to in 2014, and then maybe just random gems that I like/dislike over the year.
1Beyoncé 2,125 2Nicki Minaj 412 3Glee Cast 324 4Britney Spears 300 5