I've always felt that I'm not good enough. And that claim is not entirely unfounded - I'm lazy, easily distracted, and hardly aim for excellence (I do aim for excellent results though, thus relying on my luck and fate a lot. Of course that doesn't work all (most) of the time. Anyway.) But once in a while, someone comes into my life through whatever way, and reminds me of what life truly means to me.

Life (my life at least) is not really about excellence, achieving CAP 5.0 or leading the team that wins the A Cappella Championship. Not that those things are not important in any way, but it is just my outlook of life, and what I truly aspire my life to be. I want to #BeyGood to other people (shameless plug much). I want to do something that will change or at least affect someone in a positive way. Whether that something makes them feel a bit better in a moody day, or change their life forever for the better. It is difficult to remember all of these things when I have to deal with life and all its hurdles, studying for exams, planning for the next events, trying to make ends' meet... So I'm really, really, really thankful for the ones that come to me and just remind me, whether directly or indirectly, of what my life is supposed to be all about. And that to make someone feel better or even change someone for the better, all I have to do is to be myself. No gimmicks, no trying too hard. And someone along the way will appreciate me for what I do, even though I'm always unconscious of what I actually do, or even how I influence them so much. I will never be. I'm not perfect and I have a lot of things to improve. But thank you, for reminding me that I'm here for a reason, and know that I'm honestly more thankful to you that you are to me. Thanks to you I will continue to try to be the person that I am, that I am meant to be, and that hopefully I can make more people feel the way that you do.
“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived. It is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead.”
- Nelson Mandela 
(This blog post is not really about Nelson Mandela though. Rest in Peace.)

In the meantime, keep in touch and continue to inspire me. Yours truly. (:

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