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This is a draft for the overdue stuffs that I'm supposed to blog about. Which will be here once I have the time - actually I never really have the time, but I make time anyway. Because I'm lazy.


[Random things in hall]



But I'mma be blogging about exams. Usually at this time of examinations, I would be stressed as fuck because I would be slacking off after about 20 minutes of studying (which is not even productive), and then I would feel the remorse 2 hours after playing, and then continue playing. Yet I set way too high expectations for myself (which have seen a dramatic wake-up call after I received the exam results last semester. Or did I wake up at all?) But somehow this semester I've been totally calm. Not that I've been hard-working or productive or whatever, although I must say the times that I actually sit down and do my work (which are not that frequent) have been kind of productive. Or seemingly productive. #placebo. Maybe it'…