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With too much work.

With too many commitments that are both exciting, challenging and time-consuming.

With all the organisations that I'm supposed to be doing to feel less messy and to actually start doing some productive work, but I'm not.

With all sources of distractions that my cursor will automatically point to and click once I sit down in front of the laptop.

With all sources of distractions that I will lead myself to instead of my table and my pile of work.

With the determination of not sacrificing my entertainment for my productivity, and ending up sacrificing everything and not being productive at anything.

With all the expectations that I'm supposed to fulfill that may not even matter at the end.

Do they?

People underrate this song SO MUCH for its generic EDM beat (blame and how Britney is not getting out of her comfort zone (ref: Scream & Shout). But even with a song like this, if you listen to the lyrics, you'll find something. For me it's …