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I've had a lot of random, mostly pessimistic thoughts over the past few days regarding many things that I was participating in. I feel like I don't belong. I don't know why suddenly the need for belonging just creeps up and overwhelms me like never before. I miss my old roommates, my old OG mates, my old times when I don't have to care about fitting in or being responsible for others.

Oh well, things change.


So today, after my first ever outside dance class with my friend (which was really fun and therapeutic in a way), I decided to walk around without really knowing where I want to go. So somehow I wandered upon Little India and all of its hustle and bustle. It's really cool to see a place in Singapore that is not so glossy, pretty, and most importantly, expensive. Among all the Indians I felt like a foreigner. A tourist who doesn't have any concern or care about what others think of me, and that I am free to look, see and be amazed by all the strangeness. …