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How sad is it that exams is the only thing that can trigger my emotions so much that I have to rant (whine) them out in a blog post?
I made a careless mistake in my first exam paper. It was just one MCQ question out of 80, and I don't really care so much that I get a bad grade for the module or anything (or maybe subconsciously I do). But the thing that keeps ringing in my head after the exam is that the mistake could have been avoided if I didn't doubt myself, because I actually learned the content (for one lol) and I was so sure about the answer until the 119th minute when I suddenly thought that the answer was wrong and, in a panic mode, changed it.
I'm certainly not that academically competitive (I hope), but I feel like people keep on giving me so much expectation and pressure just because I did well last semester. Everything I hear revolves around the idea "Oh you are so fucking smart, you probably don't need to study and can still get an A," (<- A…