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I just felt like writing a post, really. Haven't posted here for so long. Where shall I start?

This semester has been kind of horrible, academically. All of my assignments are last minute, I don't keep up with my readings at all, I barely understand what is taught in class. Yet I feel like everyone expects me to somehow "just do well". I feel the need to do well, not because of anyone's demand, really, but rather just because I am kiasu, yet don't spend enough efforts to improve myself. So I won't do well. Oh well.

I performed in an item called (A)part for the NUS Dance Ensemble's concert entitled Evocation: Voices. It was interesting, to say the least, how I get to be in an item that reflects my (almost) exact feelings when I'm in rehearsals, or in the company in general. I'm not a good dancer: I'm not technically trained, I don't pick up steps very fast, I don't (can't) watch and replicate all the lines. I don't exactly h…