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New (Lunar) Year

I've been meaning to write this post for a while (since Lunar New Year started?) but I procrastinated, as usual. Right now I'm procrastinating looking at my school work by writing this blog post HAH. New year, same me. :(

Anyway, I realised that most people wrote about what happened during the past year for their new year's blog post. Since all I did for the New Year (the dương lịch one lol) was the music countdown (which I always do by the way so there's no problem with that) I shall write about things that I've done in the past year (2012 - năm Nhâm Thìn), and then just some random thoughts.

1. TEDxYouth@Hanoi
Since I was a lazy bum in Vietnam for 8 months doing totally nothing but watching TV, going online and going out (rarely), I decided to join TEDxYouth@Hanoi. It was an interesting journey to organise 3 TEDx talks, I got the chance to meet really, really, really amazing people who are nothing short of drive and intelligence. I must say I wasn't too involv…