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2012 in (mainstream) music

SO the time of the year has come and I'm posting my top songs of the year as usual! Haha coz I'm a music junkie and this has been kind of the tradition. Except that this year I don't really update myself on new artists (except the exploding ones like PSY -.-) or listen to many different genres for some reasons (e.g. Nicki Minaj :"> but seriously I was probably just lazy and then uni started so ya) so this can be considered as the guide to 2012 mainstream music, by me! :p


50CherylUnder the Sun
One of the only 2 songs of the album that I listened to :">.

49Jay-ZGlory (feat. BIC)

48Rita OraHow We Do (Party)
Overexposed on MTV, but kind of addictive.

47Ha Anh VuFrom the Very Start
Yup I didn't like her at the beginning because of the fiasco POSE SNAP SNAP POSE but after watching her live and being influenced by my Internet friend (u know who u r LOL) I listened to this song and it was kind of nice :).
(câu view :">)

46Nekci MenijI Am Yuo Ledea…

December 2012 holidays

First of all, MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! (lol I started writing this post before Christmas and barely finished it before new year's eve HAHA)

This holiday (starting about 3 weeks ago) was definitely quite an amazing journey for me, both emotionally, physically and mentally (lol, sounds like some funny reflection. But it kind of is). There's never been such a crazy, busy holiday period with many twists and turns like this one. OK not really, but still it was quite of a memorable experience heh.

First I actually didn't want to stay back during the holidays since you know, it's the holidays, and I want to fly home and spend time with my family and my newborn nephew! *insert cute emojis* I was ready to leave everything behind (HAHA) including practices for Eusoff Hall Dance Production, Christmas caroling (which I really wanted to go but it was just too late) and other random stuffs. Also I have no money so it's better to just go home instead of risk going broke here (sp…