I haven't updated this blog for more than a month now, ever since I came to Singapore which was almost 2 months ago. Lots of things have happened, lots of money has been spent, and lots of annoying things have come up, as usual.

First of all, I am again back to my  nature of continuous procrastination and horrible last-minuteness. Being in a single room takes away the peer pressure of studying, so whenever I'm in my room I tend to do more awesome stuffs like watching YouTube or Modern Family (which is absolutely AMAZING). Being awesome has its price, and that being me staying up for the whole night (already more than once, and it's barely the middle of the first semester) trying to finish an assignment that is due on the next day, is not a very good consequence. I just feel more motivated to study anywhere but in my room, but I don't like going to the Hall's Reading Room to study for some weird reasons, and my favourite place to study happens to be a 10-15-minute walk away from my hall (everything about UTown is amazing except its price). Currently I have a freaking long essay due tomorrow and another one (not as long) due on Friday, and honestly I don't know how I'm going to finish those, but I will, somehow, hopefully. As long as I don't fail. :(

Secondly, some incidents that happened really taught me more about who I am (so cheem), and more importantly, freaked me out. For instance, I was almost convinced by someone to shell out $1800 for a multi-level marketing plan for some weird health products. Long story short, I was totally blacked out by the crazy amount of information and decided to drop the issue, forever. But sitting there and listening to people persuading me about the lucrativeness of the business and whatever was really intimidating, and I had my own doubts about MLM (which later turned out to be quite true when I researched a bit on the subject). The whole experience was just bizarre, but at the end I felt good because I made the right decision for my own benefits. What was crazy is that a few weeks later when I went for a CCA welcome session, their kind of persuasion was almost similar to the guy at the MLM place, so I was kind of freaked out, and the CCA required money to join anyway, so I ran away lol. I was assured even more that I shouldn't be a businessman because I believe I won't be able to make this kind of crazy, big, executive decisions, and the headaches will eventually kill me prematurely.

Thirdly, university is a CCAs heaven, and that was scary because I'm the kind of person who is interested in everything. So I have a few hall CCAs and NUS CCAs now. I try to stop at a certain point because I will die taking up more activities. So maybe next year. I don't know if anyone from my hall is going to see this or not (hopefully not), but so far I find NUS CCAs quite enjoyable, especially Radio Pulze and Dance Ensemble. RP is full of amazing personalities (which intimidates me, but in a different way, and kind of inspires me to - i don't know - talk more, and just be friendly and active in general), and DE seems to be a crazy place that will push my limits over the edge, which honestly sounds very exciting to me haha. The CCA that I'm most excited about in hall is probably A Capella, because it's also something I've never done, and frankly not good at it at all, so hopefully I will learn something from it.

I probably should get back to study (hahahahaha, wait for it), but now I suddenly feel like I have so much more to say and so much more to write. I'm starting to realise and adapt back to the Singapore state of mind - the fastness of a day, the hectic amount of work, the crazy me trying to join all kinds of CCAs and killing myself in the process. I also signed up for a 25-year insurance plan, not sure how that will go but I need a way to save up my money, idk, maybe for a future trip around the world or something, which should probably be in my bucket list (I don't really get the idea of a bucket list, but I would like to have one and try to fulfill it too hey).

YUP that was the update for what has happened in my life so far. A lot more have happened actually, but I probably should dump those in other posts. As a goodbye let me introduce you to one of the greatest YouTube videos EVER (if you're interested in pop culture and all the shit that happens among the fanbase and whatnots - this has probably limited the interested audience to a small royal crowd lol)

"Bi for now, might go lesbo next week" :))))))))


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