So I'm 20 now. Yay?

Lol I've always pictured this moment as the day when I'm no longer a teenager :O which sounds really weird haha, because I still want to be a teenager. I shall be a teenager for life (although I'm not even that good at being a teenager. Sometimes I'm too serious, and most of the time I'm just too weird).

Birthdays have been somewhat a time for myself for the past few years. I've never been that kind of person with a lot of friends who hang out and have a big celebration on my birthday. I'm also not the kind that has all sorts of people calling me on the phone and coming to my place wishing me good luck. Sometimes I do get jealous of those people, but sometimes I just feel bad for them because they have such a busy day to deal with. Everyone wants to feel special at some points of time in their life though, so I suppose a busy birthday is not that big of a deal for some people. For me it's always been somewhat quiet and alone, when I can chill (like most of the time in my normal daily life anyway lol) and kind of enjoy myself and whatever random treats that I can find.

Anyhew, this year's started with me, sleeping with the notes that I was supposed to be studying for midterms haha. My friend called me up for some weird favour which I totally suspected that something fishy was going on, but they still managed to surprise me so that was nice. I shall not go into details because there were some really scary ones that shall not be mentioned online (it's not what u think it is, don't worry ;).

They gave me 2 muffins and 1 M&Ms packet. In this photo I've graciously consumed the first muffin, while the second one was consumed a few minutes ago. Yeah, don't ask.

As per tradition (?) I shuffled my Favourites playlist in iTunes for 20 random songs for my so-called new year of life, starting with Mỹ Tâm's "Hai Mươi" (that means Twenty) because I'm turning 20! Yay... Some weird songs came up but mostly I was jamming to the list. I will probably just listen to Adele's album next year (if u get what I mean), but in the meantime, here's the list if you're interested

*trying to insert clever, relevant tagline, and then failing at doing so*

I slept at 4am after the songs session and some other great convos with my awesome online friends (that's my life!). Of course I didn't sleep before watching another awesome episode of Modern Family. Awesome is an understatement.

Woke up at 830am-ish for a choir sound check thingy at Raffles City Convention Centre which lasted until noon. Had another great home-cooked meal by my mum. Went for Dance Ensem practice in the afternoon. Being bombarded with Facebook notifications on my phone (that was exaggerated because, u know, I don't have that many friends... haha). Came back from dance, went for another great dinner cooked by my mum and my friends. Chilled and had fun. Just like any other days! :)

Haha I don't know what to write anymore. I wish everyday I could just sing in the morning, dance in the afternoon, eat in the evening and then chill. How awesome would life be!

I'm out of things to say really. I just feel very grateful to receive all kinds of birthday wishes from people, 95% of which were made possible because of Facebook, so thank you for that. I hope all the wishes that people wish for me came true lol (except evil people who wish bad luck to me). 

Sometimes I get randomly superstitious about stuffs that happen in a special day, and this year's birthday is not different, but I shall keep those thoughts in my mind and see how the year is going to turn out to be.

* Fun fact 1: I wore a tank top and a t-shirt with a "T" for half of my birthday because... T FOR TWENTY. HAHA so lame.
* Fun fact 2: The other half of the day I wore (and still am wearing) a Beyoncé t-shirt. DUH.
* Fun fact 3: I shall try to go to the zoo for free next year. Maybe with someone :3


I'm quite sure my birthday is not during Christmas. XD

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