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So I'm 20 now. Yay?

Lol I've always pictured this moment as the day when I'm no longer a teenager :O which sounds really weird haha, because I still want to be a teenager. I shall be a teenager for life (although I'm not even that good at being a teenager. Sometimes I'm too serious, and most of the time I'm just too weird).
Birthdays have been somewhat a time for myself for the past few years. I've never been that kind of person with a lot of friends who hang out and have a big celebration on my birthday. I'm also not the kind that has all sorts of people calling me on the phone and coming to my place wishing me good luck. Sometimes I do get jealous of those people, but sometimes I just feel bad for them because they have such a busy day to deal with. Everyone wants to feel special at some points of time in their life though, so I suppose a busy birthday is not that big of a deal for some people. For me it's always been somewhat quiet and alone, whe…



I haven't updated this blog for more than a month now, ever since I came to Singapore which was almost 2 months ago. Lots of things have happened, lots of money has been spent, and lots of annoying things have come up, as usual.

First of all, I am again back to my  nature of continuous procrastination and horrible last-minuteness. Being in a single room takes away the peer pressure of studying, so whenever I'm in my room I tend to do more awesome stuffs like watching YouTube or Modern Family (which is absolutely AMAZING). Being awesome has its price, and that being me staying up for the whole night (already more than once, and it's barely the middle of the first semester) trying to finish an assignment that is due on the next day, is not a very good consequence. I just feel more motivated to study anywhere but in my room, but I don't like going to the Hall's Reading Room to study for some weird reasons, and my favourite place to study happens to be a 10-15-minu…