Every time I go back from a swim in the afternoon, I feel extremely tired at night. For example, currently I'm feeling so tired that I actually want to go to sleep at 9PM. Not a good thing. Also, I feel like I should be stretching because my body feels bad because I didn't stretch after exercising as a form of warming-down. That is apparently not very good.

In another news, I've officially become a fan of the show Happy Endings. I discovered the show on StarWorld, and since it was showing Season 2 already, I didn't really connect much with the show. However, some interesting things came up so I decided to get the first few episodes online. And WOW the show is funny! I don't think there is any show that can keep me laughing at almost all of the episodes throughout 2 seasons, and I watch How I Met Your Mother and New Girl. They say it's like a funny version of Friends, which I find funny, but since I don't really remember much of Friends, I've gotta say Happy Endings is just a really great TV show. I'm quite unhappy with the lack of attention that it gets though, because I feel like it can get cancelled anytime, and I won't be very happy about that. Let's just hope for the best, and until the next season comes out, probably in July/August/September (I don't know), I'll keep on having Happy Endings marathons to kill my boredom and fulfill my laziness.

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