Happy Bars

When I was walking around my "neighb" this afternoon, I realised that it's summertime and the street beer "stalls" had become so crowded. With my great amount of watching sitcoms and TV shows recently, most of which have a common settings: a BAR! I don't know why I capitalised the word. I can't help but notice the similarities between these beer kiosks in Vietnam and the bars in Western countries. Alcohols - check. Men drinking and talking loudly - check (actually, Vietnamese are probably louder than Westerners, a behaviour which I dislike because it's just annoying - why do you have to be so freaking loud?).

But the funny thing is, in US/UK shows, the gangs consist of guys, girls, gays, all kinds of amazing people. In Vietnam, there're just men. I hardly see any women at these "street beer bars" in Vietnam. Which is nothing important, you may say, but it's just what I see and it can probably be traced back to societal values, mindsets, stereotypes, and whatnots.

This is such a random post, so let me end it with another random spam that I've been telling EVERYONE to check out. It's an ah-mah-zing & hilarious show :D

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