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Happy Bars

When I was walking around my "neighb" this afternoon, I realised that it's summertime and the street beer "stalls" had become so crowded. With my great amount of watching sitcoms and TV shows recently, most of which have a common settings: a BAR! I don't know why I capitalised the word. I can't help but notice the similarities between these beer kiosks in Vietnam and the bars in Western countries. Alcohols - check. Men drinking and talking loudly - check (actually, Vietnamese are probably louder than Westerners, a behaviour which I dislike because it's just annoying - why do you have to be so freaking loud?).

But the funny thing is, in US/UK shows, the gangs consist of guys, girls, gays, all kinds of amazing people. In Vietnam, there're just men. I hardly see any women at these "street beer bars" in Vietnam. Which is nothing important, you may say, but it's just what I see and it can probably be traced back to societal values, mind…


Every time I go back from a swim in the afternoon, I feel extremely tired at night. For example, currently I'm feeling so tired that I actually want to go to sleep at 9PM. Not a good thing. Also, I feel like I should be stretching because my body feels bad because I didn't stretch after exercising as a form of warming-down. That is apparently not very good.

In another news, I've officially become a fan of the show Happy Endings. I discovered the show on StarWorld, and since it was showing Season 2 already, I didn't really connect much with the show. However, some interesting things came up so I decided to get the first few episodes online. And WOW the show is funny! I don't think there is any show that can keep me laughing at almost all of the episodes throughout 2 seasons, and I watch How I Met Your Mother and New Girl. They say it's like a funny version of Friends, which I find funny, but since I don't really remember much of Friends, I've gotta say H…


I miss writing on here. So, just a random, no-topic blog? :D

I have been extremely lazy, and I have a ton of work to do. OK so maybe not a ton, but still I think the effects of IB have been more long-lasting than I thought - the facts that I can only work properly after midnight, and I am still as last-minute as ever, show a lot. Or maybe it's just me being lazy. Heh.

I think I'll take up swimming quite seriously. 3 times a week, and I will swim quite intensively for the period of 1 hour 30 minutes. Since I haven't been dancing :(((, I need a physical activity that will not bore me to death or cost me too much money and awkwardness (i.e. the gym), swimming is a good choice (plus, it's free, due to some undisclosed reasons :p). My swimming techniques suck, but well, all of my techniques suck anyway. I will try to improve, but I'm not born to do physical activities.

What else? So much work for TEDx, and yet I still want to get a job. I've been putting it off thou…