K-Pop fans & some thoughts about idolisation.

So tonight there's a K-pop show in Hanoi. Things are chaotic, as usual, both online and offline. Videos are uploaded every few minutes of performances, pictures, news articles about black market tickets ranging anywhere from 2m VND to 10m VND. I laughed at this video showing crazy K-pop fangirls screaming and running into the performance venue when it was opened.

But then I thought to myself, if this were a Beyoncé concert, would I do the same thing? I personally understand the limits of idolisation. I wouldn't jump in front of Bey or try to snatch her t shirt or her necklace or whatever (all of which I've heard reports of K-pop fans), but if I were at the gate at a Bey's concert, I would definitely run in as fast as possible, just like those girls. I wouldn't scream though, I mean, save it for the show lol. I actually did that in 2009 to get to the front row of I Am... Tour in Singapore, and I regretted nothing <3. I mean, it's not just the crazy fans, it's also the organisation of the event that can lead to the situations above (no lines, no guards. Most Vietnamese cannot queue in lines anyway, which is fucking annoying). So, I guess it's not that fair to the K-pop fans when you slam their idolisation as stupid, idiotic and brainless. I also freaking love Beyoncé, so I know how it feels likes. But all these shenanigans regarding K-pop fans did not just come out of the blue either. Y'all should learn to have limits and realise the truly important things in your life, which include your family, your friends, your study, besides your idols (see, I'm not disregarding idols as one of the biggest part of people's life), and learn how to prioritise and deal with it.

If I were a K-pop fan, I would probably be one of those screaming girls (but I won't be screaming, as I said earlier). And I would regret NOTHING (provided that I won't have to pay millions of Dongs for a ticket. If that's the case, fuck off. I'd rather buy food). But it's more fun to be a part of a smaller fanbase - more intimate, less drama, and when (somehow) Bey comes to Vietnam I won't have to be in a mess with 5 gazillions other people trying to get in.

BONUS: me fanboying over Bey & Mariah hahaha

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