Hometown Glory

So I went back to my hometown for the first time today. It was, erm, lovely, and much less awkward than how I thought it would be. I'm not a very talkative and social person, so a situation whereas I meet everyone and don't know everyone while everyone is related to me in some ways, sounds pretty awkward. But it turned out to be quite OK. Very OK, indeed. I didn't talk much, of course, but hearing random stories and conversations from people whom I don't even remember, strangely made me feel really "at home". I don't know why, maybe it's the mentality that it's my hometown, maybe it's the nice weather, maybe it's the great landscape and atmosphere of the countryside, but overall I had a wonderful time. A time when my life is not dominated by technology and the Internet, a time when time passes, not exactly slowly, but nicely. I don't know. It was probably a break for me since whenever I'm at adults gatherings in the city, they always talk about how badly corrupted the Government is, and I'm getting sick of it. Then again, the people in the countryside are just really nice and friendly and "real" - not to say that city people are fake, but "real" as in simple, real and undecorated.

The only awkward moment for me is when they tell me that I'm the "eldest" son of the family, since my father is the eldest, and my sister is well, my sister, and that later the whole family will be following me, and I was just like, FOR REAL? I don't like the responsibilities :(. Traditions suck sometimes. And then the thing about marriage and shit, and I'm just like........... You're not gonna like what I plan to do. But whatever. That's for later. For now, I do enjoy visiting my hometown.

My phone's current background heh, also my grandmother's house

My family's graveyard. Oh yeah, I went back to my hometown for the death anniversary of my grandfather.

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