ASEAN scholarship?

What is this hype about posting experience, comments and stuffs about the ASEAN scholarship on blogs? It started off with some posts saying how amazing it is, then some posts about how brainwashing it is, then some unbiased posts about tips on how to live in Singapore on the scholarship and all that jazz, and I'm just like... Hmm. They're probably fun to read, but experience must be, well, experienced. Personally I don't find tips and tricks very useful in many situations, especially when it's not academic-related (as in studying and exams and stuffs like that). I prefer to do my own things my own way, learn from them and then move on with my own tips and tricks. These blog posts, in my opinion, do not and will not affect the decision whether one will take up the ASEAN scholarship or not, to a large extent. There are many reasons why one would take up the scholarship - financial difficulties, the wish to pursue a better education, and so on. I guess it's OK to post your opinions on your experience and stuffs, and some people do find those things helpful. Well, not me.

On another  note, I got 3 rejections from 3 US colleges yesterday, or today early morning technically. I didn't really feel that bad though, because they are all really prestigious schools, and one particular school has a 30% increase in number of applications this year, which I find, amazing. Oh well, 3 more to go (4, technically, but 1 is already considered rejected due to my stupidity and ignorance). Keeping my fingers crossed!

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