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Hometown Glory

So I went back to my hometown for the first time today. It was, erm, lovely, and much less awkward than how I thought it would be. I'm not a very talkative and social person, so a situation whereas I meet everyone and don't know everyone while everyone is related to me in some ways, sounds pretty awkward. But it turned out to be quite OK. Very OK, indeed. I didn't talk much, of course, but hearing random stories and conversations from people whom I don't even remember, strangely made me feel really "at home". I don't know why, maybe it's the mentality that it's my hometown, maybe it's the nice weather, maybe it's the great landscape and atmosphere of the countryside, but overall I had a wonderful time. A time when my life is not dominated by technology and the Internet, a time when time passes, not exactly slowly, but nicely. I don't know. It was probably a break for me since whenever I'm at adults gatherings in the city, they alwa…

Hair dye, tattoos and piercings shouldn't be considered "gangster", "đú" & "outrageous" anymore :(

Not that I would want to have piercings, but I really really do want to try to dye my hair and have (a few) tattoos.

ASEAN scholarship?

What is this hype about posting experience, comments and stuffs about the ASEAN scholarship on blogs? It started off with some posts saying how amazing it is, then some posts about how brainwashing it is, then some unbiased posts about tips on how to live in Singapore on the scholarship and all that jazz, and I'm just like... Hmm. They're probably fun to read, but experience must be, well, experienced. Personally I don't find tips and tricks very useful in many situations, especially when it's not academic-related (as in studying and exams and stuffs like that). I prefer to do my own things my own way, learn from them and then move on with my own tips and tricks. These blog posts, in my opinion, do not and will not affect the decision whether one will take up the ASEAN scholarship or not, to a large extent. There are many reasons why one would take up the scholarship - financial difficulties, the wish to pursue a better education, and so on. I guess it's OK to post…


I had a funny encounter today.

When I was handing out fliers promoting Earth Hour 2012 so a pair of middle-aged, respectable-looking office men on the pavement and blabbing to them about how I was a volunteer and please support Earth Hour blah blah blah, they replied to me:


At this point I was kind of like half suspicious, because I didn´t hear the Chinese accent and he took some time to remember the word 懂, but for the sake of professionalism (and showing off, maybe) I replied to them:


At this moment the traffic light turned green and they crossed the road while I was trying to figure out how to say "Earth Hour" in Chinese (世界的小时?哈哈). They probably said something or laughed or something like that because afterwards my volunteer friends said "They are Vietnamese, and they were just joking with you", and from then my suspicion was confirmed.

Funny encounter, you may say, but there are some points worth taking note of:
- First of a…


I have been admitted to 2 American colleges so far. They're all good, top 100 of the country, and they all give me some sort of scholarship, which is nice I guess. But even with the scholarship, I can't afford their education. I guess as an international applicant I don't have much say in financial aid and stuffs in America, but I can imagine many American people in the same position as me, and that would be sad for them to be able to get into colleges but unable to afford the education.

Future self vs. current family


My American dream is big, humongous, great, awesome. I want to go to America and taste the dreamland, the freedom, the love. OK that was hyperbole, but I really do want to go to the US to study higher education. But right now my family's situations, both financially and physically, are not great. Things look bad and I feel like if I go to Singapore that will be like a huge relief for my family regarding a lot of things, and it's easier for me to come back when there are emergencies, too. So I don't know. Family obligations, or self independence? Of course my selfish independent mind is like GO TO AMERICA (and find love there... lol), but my filial, responsible kid is saying the otherwise.

Choices are annoying -.-"

K-Pop fans & some thoughts about idolisation.

So tonight there's a K-pop show in Hanoi. Things are chaotic, as usual, both online and offline. Videos are uploaded every few minutes of performances, pictures, news articles about black market tickets ranging anywhere from 2m VND to 10m VND. I laughed at this video showing crazy K-pop fangirls screaming and running into the performance venue when it was opened.

But then I thought to myself, if this were a Beyoncé concert, would I do the same thing? I personally understand the limits of idolisation. I wouldn't jump in front of Bey or try to snatch her t shirt or her necklace or whatever (all of which I've heard reports of K-pop fans), but if I were at the gate at a Bey's concert, I would definitely run in as fast as possible, just like those girls. I wouldn't scream though, I mean, save it for the show lol. I actually did that in 2009 to get to the front row of I Am... Tour in Singapore, and I regretted nothing <3. I mean, it's not just the crazy fans, it&#…

My first vlog

And I'm very happy with my friends' reactions about it lol. Such a random moment.