OK so I made this post a week ago (I think?) but I kind of want to post it here. I don't know why though. Another thing - now I have a Tumblr, a Blogger, and a Wordpress. It's kind of overwhelming, not that I'm trying to upkeep the activity on all of these sites or whatever, it's just that I'm neurotic and messiness (of this sort) annoys me. Anyway,
First of all, everything has 2 sides. People will just have to agree to disagree, and I’m fine with that. But I still want to spill my thoughts. 
1. GLEE, the new episode: 
OK people are complaining that Glee is not just a fun fun fun fun series anymore, and I agree. So? As something becomes more popular and, inspirational, to more people, the drama will get more real, things in life are not always as rosy as it plans, and so what if the producers are trying to portray the reality of life instead of making it fun and painless? For Glee, I feel like the recent drama are more than just negative things that are punched in the series – it is to show that negativity can be dealt with in a positive manner. Like how the New Directions could have totally sued and kicked Sebastian out of school for terrorizing them. But they didn’t, which I find quite unrealistic to be honest. But it is the positive reaction that the show is trying to portray. Life is not easy, but you should keep a positive mindset. The same goes with the Karofsky incident. Karma’s a bitch, and that’s harsh to say for Karofsky because he didn’t deserve what he went through, but it also highlights the unfairness of the world and how a positive mindset is SO IMPORTANT for someone to survive in this chaotic world. So stop hating and see the big picture. I hate the cliffhanger regarding Quinn’s incident too, but that’s irrelevant here. 
2. #CAKE – Rihanna f/ Chris Brown 
OK so people online are saying how Rihanna is gonna lose half of her #NAVY and lose her credibility and what not regarding this Birthday Cake rihmix f/ Chris Brown, and I’m just like, seriously gurl? SERIOUSLY? Over a rihmix? First of all I understand the thing about how abuse victims are offended by this collaboration, but people are blowing it up way out of proportion of what it’s supposed to be. IT’S JUST A SONG! THE RIHMIX LYRICS ARE MEANT TO FIT THE SONG, WHICH IS A SLUTTY DIRTY FUCKING SONG! It’s not like they are getting back together licking icing off each other! They’re singing! As long as there’s no more details regarding them getting back together being released, people should stop saying things like “OMG Rihanna is encouraging abuse victims to get back together with the woman beater blah blah blah”. Even if she is, it’s not her fault – it’s just a song, and I swear the lyrics don’t have anything about getting back together with an abusive partner! People should just get a grip and learn how to enjoy songs without overthinking about its content and what not, because that’s just stupid.

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